JSC “Tranita” was established in 1992 – at the moment when the market of transport and logistics services in Lithuania started to develop – and we are proud that company successfully has been providing transportation services for more than 20 years already. Company and transport base is situated in strategically favorable location – in south-east of Lithuania near by board Republic of Belarus – in Salcninkai town.

We respect our clients with whom we have maintained excellent business relationships for more than twenty years. We gained experience and customers’ trust -many of them have become our lasting (“long-term” maybe would fit better?) partners today. The challenges that we face in our daily work motivates us to seek innovation and grow professionally every day. Our mission – to be a trustworthy partner, to render high level logistic and transport services, and always consider the individual customer’s demands.

The main activity of JSC “Tranita” is international road freight transportation. The company continuously invests in its automobile fleet renewal. All our trucks meet the EURO-5 and EURO-6 emission standards. Our trucks are equipped with satellite GPS devices, which allow us establishing trucks’ exact location at any given moment and planning delivery time thoroughly.
All cargoes are carried by carriers’ responsibility under requirements of CMR and TIR conventions.
Since 1996 JSC “Tranita” transport enterprise is a member of national road carriers’ association “Linava”.

Ours advantage: long-term experience in the international market, professionalism in rendering high quality services, flexibility in meeting the individual customer’s demands.